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Managing Member Michael J. Harrison has been practicing law for 20 years.  A graduate of the University of Michigan and a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Michigan State University/DCL Law School, he is also former Assistant Prosecutor assigned to specialized units including Homicide Prosecutions as well as a United States Department of Justice organized crime task force (CAGI).  He was also assigned to prosecute high profile and difficult matters including racketeering violations, embezzlement crimes involving charities, hate crimes and securities fraud/embezzlement from a sitting judge.

Michael Harrison has tried hundreds of cases including lengthy complex, multi-jury cases.  He has represented clients in  commercial disputes involving breach of contract, civil racketeering, theft of trade secrets, conspiracy and spam-marketing and UCE (unsolicited commercial e-mail) violations and conspiracy.  He has also recovered substantial amounts on behalf of injured parties in tort claims and represents select clients in complex divorce and family law matters.  If you have a legal problem that might make trial necessary, Michael's unique expertise an skill set makes him the best investment in your future.

Michael is actively involved in the Detroit Metropolitan community and local and national charitable efforts.  He also has lectured on matters including organized crime and gang issues in numerous communities and at the University of Michigan and has trained federal agents in direct and cross-examination techniques.  Michael is also an expert in alcohol and drug-related offenses, having completed training at the Michigan State Police Academy in Datamaster operation and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE).  

Mr. Harrison has a broad and impressive background in a variety of litigation specialties.  He is tough, smart and experienced.   Michael is a member of the Michigan State Bar, and federal bars including the Eastern District of Michigan, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Northern District of Texas.  Mr. Harrison has also practiced in Alexandria Virginia and internationally.  In October, 2015, Michael was inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois at the (ACTL) Annual Meeting.  Less than 2% of all trial lawyers in the United States and Canada are inducted into this, invitation only, organization. FBI Director James Comes, Admiral William McRaven (oversaw the operation to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden) and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel spoke at the meeting.

When your life, your livelihood or your rights are on the line, he is the right attorney for you.  Period.   Call: (888) 388-1774.

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